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5 Reasons to Have Your Engagement Photos Taken

5 Reasons to Have Your Engagement Photos Taken, Engagement Photos, Key Largo Wedding Photographer, Claudia Rios Photography

April 13, 2021

Here are 5 Reasons to Have your Engagement Photos Taken!!

Undoubtedly, you are crazy busy planning the best day of your life! You are making tons of big decisions about details like linen colors to gifts for your out-of-town guests.

You might find yourself asking if having an engagement photo session is important. You’ll even find yourself asking if you have the time to squeeze it in!

Having an engagement photoshoot is super important and definitely not something you should miss out on!

Here are 5 reasons why you should have your engagement photos taken!

PS your engagement photoshoot typically happens wayyyy before the wedding, so yes, you definitely have time to squeeze it in!

  1. Learn how to get comfortable in front of the camera

Can you easily recall the last time you had your photos taken by a professional photographer? There are so few big celebratory moments in our life when we hire a professional photographer to capture the occasion.

It can be a little overwhelming to step in front of the camera for the first time with your partner. It can be even more overwhelming if it happens on your wedding day. Having an engagement session will help make you both comfortable in front of the camera before you say I do!

Couples tend to get instinctively a little camera shy and caught off guard during their first shoot together. It’s a totally normal feeling to experience. Especially when a professional photographer is suddenly standing in front of you pointing their lens directly at you!!

You want to avoid the discomfort of those feelings on your wedding day by warming up with your engagement photoshoot!

Your engagement session is a chance to step in front of the camera and work past those awkward feelings. The first few smiles and poses are typically awkward for the majority of couples.

Getting comfortable in front of the camera as a couple requires a little bit of patience and lots of guidance. It’s my job as your photographer to guide you into feeling that level of comfort in front of the camera. The pressure is completely off of you because your photographer has an arsenal of tricks & experience up their sleeve to make you feel comfortable!! This helps bring out the best moments and the most natural smiles in both of you.

Your photographer will work with you to build you up to feeling relaxed, and at ease during your photoshoot. Once you arrive at that feeling, that is then when some of the best photos come alive!

Your photographer will also guide you through some poses to help capture your love for one another through warm embraces. Having your engagement photos taken is the perfect time to bring out your natural smiles through those snuggled-up poses.

  1. Get to know your wedding photographer and let them get to know you as a couple

Your professional photographer has tons of experience working to shoot a fast-paced wedding day!! As a wedding photographer, that typically looks like following a wedding day timeline, changing locations in a heartbeat, and being a fly on the wall at all times!

However, this is the first time your photographer will be working with you. Before the moment of your wedding day arrives, it really helps that you and your fiance have established a personal relationship with your wedding photographer.

That way by the time your wedding day comes around, your photographer will know what poses you feel the most comfortable in. What your typical interactions look like and how you physically express love to each other. Forehead kisses? Booty Grabs? Every couple is different! Knowing this ahead of your wedding day will ensure that your wedding photographer captures both of you in your most natural state and that your wedding photos reflect your true love story!

Keep scrolling to read 5 reasons why you should have your engagement photos taken!

  1. Test out your wedding day hair and makeup

Your engagement photoshoot will be more relaxed than your wedding day. It won’t be as long as your wedding day and it will be more intimate because you won’t have the eyes of guests peering at you.

However, many couples still like to use this as a way of getting in some bonus time with each other before the wedding day. Some of my couples even like to include a champagne toast in their engagement photoshoot! Having their engagement photos taken allows them to get dressed up, take the day off from work, and even have your hair and makeup done for the session!

If you have already booked your wedding day hair and makeup, ask your salon or artist if a trial run is included in your package! This will of course vary from artist to artist and from salon to salon. Having your trial run done for your engagement photos is a great way to get a glimpse of how your wedding day hair and makeup will come across in your wedding photos. It’s also a great way to feel more confident in front of the camera!

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  1. As wedding planning begins, it marks a sweet season of your lives!

Remember when I mentioned that many of my couples use the day of their engagement photoshoot to take the day off work? It’s true! Time is flying right before your eyes and your wedding day is fast approaching. Your lives are about to change forever as you embark on this new chapter in your life. Your wedding day is not the only day in this process that is cause for celebration.

Yoru engagement session is a chance to focus on each other, make a date out of it, and take a break from wedding planning! It’s a welcome chance to relax and focus on each other. After you get all dressed up and have your professional hair & makeup done, go out on a date! You can plan lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant and enjoy sitting in each other’s presence with yummy food and drinks! Need a bit more relaxation than your favorite local restaurant? Book a couples massage after your engagement photoshoot! Not sure what time to book your appointment? Check-in with your photographer on how long you can expect to spend at your engagement photoshoot first!

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Now that you have 5 reasons to take your engagement photos, are you ready to plan your session in the Key Largo area? Click the contact button and let’s talk about capturing your love story!

  1. You’ll have plenty of photos of more than just your wedding day!

You’ll have a slew of photos from your wedding day! In fact, it is one of the few cherished items that you will get to enjoy after your wedding day. You’ll have so many wedding day photos to be printed and plastered all over the walls of your house. You’ll want to add some depth to that wedding gallery wall in your house. Using your engagement photos is the way to do it!

Your engagement photos are also great for use on your wedding website. It’ll give your family and friends a chance to connect with you and your fiance. They can see what the two of you have been up to while grabbing a sneak peek at your engagement ring!

Many of my couples use their engagement photos for their wedding day guest book, their save-the-dates, and their wedding thank you cards!!

Planning on using your engagement photos for any of your wedding stationery? Talk to your photographer about specific poses or props that you might have in mind!!

5 Reasons to Have Your Engagement Photos Taken, Key Largo Wedding Photographer, Engagement Photos

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