Just a little sneak peek of what happens
behind the scenes during a wedding.

Well, hello!

You’ve been dreaming about this day from the moment you first fell in love, and I’m the girl who wants to capture the love, the joy, the happy tears, for you...

Picture the moment when you walk down the aisle in your stunning wedding dress and your Love catches the first glimpse of his gorgeous bride.
I will be there to capture his expression.
Picture the other countless moments like this throughout your day; your dad escorting you the down the aisle; your mom’s joyful tears; Grandmas photobombing; your friends and family jamming out on the dance floor;
I will be there to dutifully collect these timeless treasures on your behalf.
I am endlessly fascinated and inspired by the power of love to bring two people together and by the wonderful celebration of family. These are things I hold dear.
Wedding photography is not just about taking pretty photos, it is also about being in tune with the emotions unfolding during this magical moment in your life. You need someone you can trust to understand your vision and guide you through this beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime journey.

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Here are some fun facts about me.

  • I have lived by the ocean most of my life, therefore, I believe salt water just about cures everything.
  • I think one key to a happy marriage is forgiveness.
  • I heard that there are 5 love languages and I think I speak them all.
  • I think God has the most amazing sense of humor. Also, I am believe He is the architect, designer and creator of all things.
  • The sound of tree leaves are smoothing to my soul and the sound of waterfalls relax for my spirit.
  • I think that coffee and tea-times should be mandatory.
  • I think that sea shells are ocean treasures.
  • One of my dreams is to photograph a wedding in France. My second dream is to find gold coins from a pirate ship.
  • I always wish time would slow down a little.
  • I love sailboats
  • Late 80's and 90's music are the best!
  • I think Florida is the best state in the US to bet married.
  • I think nature is God's gift to human beings.
Thanks for taking the time to know me.
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